May, 2023

SCP V acquires its first company

The investment company SCP V acquires the education company Distansinstitutet. The company is early in a clear trend of digital education that gives the individua the opportunity to choose the time and place for their studies.


March, 2023

Scandinavian Capacity Reserve AB sells the battery project in Landskrona

After having finished designing the establishement of a 20MW battery for Landskrona Energi, together with partner RES, SCR AB has sold the project to Axpo, which will put the battery into operation at the end of 2023.


September, 2022

Small Cap Partners V closes funding round

Throug its existing network of investors, SCP V has completed its financing and has thus created an investment space of 300MSEK, SCP Advisors AB appreciates the investor group´s loyalty and long-term belief in SCP´s business model.


July, 2022

Golventreprenadgruppen expands further with new acquisitions

Golventreprenadgruppen acquires four new companies to add in its group and thus steps up in sales of around SEK 1.2 billion with 750 employees. The acquisitions also ensure that the group has national coverage in Sweden. The financing is primarily from Small Cap Partners, which owns 70% of Golventreprenadgruppen.


June, 2022

Rönneholms slott AB is sold to Intea Fastigheter AB

The real estate company Rönneholm slott, of which Dendera has owned a minority share, has been sold to Intea Fastigheter. The sale fits in well with Dendera’s divestment of Nämndemansgården, which is a tenant at Rönneholm slott.


Small Cap Partners III sells the portfolio company, Nutid AB

Last June, the sale of the cash register system company Nutid AB was closed. SCP III has owned the company since October -20 and with a new CEO at the helm changed the business model so that the company became an attractive SaaS company. The deal with Confirma Soft AB equals an annual return of 75%.


SCR establishes Sweden’s largest battery storage in Landskrona

Togehter with Landskrona Energi and RES, Scandinavian Capacity Reserve has agreed on the establishement of a battery storage of 20MW or equivalent to 1/3 of Landskrona’s energy comsumption. The battery, which will be completed during the second half of 2023, will provide support for Landskrona’s development as a city and stabilize the electricity grid in the region.


May, 2022

Small Cap Partners II sells its last company in its portfolio, Opo Scandinavia

Opo Scandinavia has made a fantastic development in recent years, which has resulted in a positive end to SCP II. Under SCP’s ownership, Opo has increased its sales by 30% and its profit by 70%. Buyer is listed Seafire, which has presented a good approach for the future that has attracted both sellers and management of Opo.

With the sale, SCP II will enter the winding-down phase.


April, 2022

Dendera transfers ownership of Nämndemansgården to Feelgood

After working with Nämndemansgården since day one 35 years ago, Dendera hands over the ownership to the company´s partner Feelgood.


Even if the deal is made with some emotional anguish, Thomas Wiklund believes that it is a step in the right direction for the company and an opportunity to in the future offer even more people with addiction problems a qualitative treatment. Feelgood has an interesting strategy with a clear connection between employees in companies, occupational health care and treatments of addiction, which creates interesting opportunities.


During Dendera´s long ownership 80.000 people have receives help with their addiction, something we are very proud of, says Thomas WIklund, CEO of Dendera.



March, 2022

Dendera supports the fight In Ukraine with 100,000!

The resistance struggle in Ukraine is important for the development of world democracy. Actions by President Putin is against the modern world order and a humanitarian tragedy. Very sad, says Dendera’s CEO Thomas Wiklund.


February, 220214

Learning to Sleep is listed on First North


December, 2021

Small Cap Partners invests


November, 2020

Small Cap Partners III complements previous holdings in the flooring/tiling industry


April, 2020

Ifrågasätt’s new “live-streaming” service is used by Göteborgs-Posten


April, 2020

Cross signs agreement with significant caregiver


October, 2019

Small Cap Partners III acquires Nutid AB



October, 2019

Bestin is sold to Tyringe Konsult


June, 2019

Dendera divest its last shareholding in Besqab


May, 2019

Small Cap Partners continues their journey


October, 2018

Summit Partners buys in Syncron


September, 2018

Arthro/Joint Academy


July, 2018

Cross signs cooperation agreement with Cerner


June, 2018

Dendera Venture increases in promising Orbital System


May, 2018

Small Cap Partners II acquires OPO Scandinavia AB.