Our view of business development requires both an innovative approach and experience

Our history

We are a privately owned company that was established in 1990. We have many years of experience of strategic operation and ownership of small and medium-sized companies. We sold one of them, Malmö Aviation, in 1998 at a profit of fourteen times the capital injected.

In the past 10 years, sales from Dendera’s portfolio have produced an annual return of 44%.

Dendera now has 25 years of experience of company development to rely on, with a strong focus on progress, social relevance and development in the companies of which we choose to be part. Thomas Wiklund is the sole owner, which provides a strong background for long-term ownership and stability.

We summarise our approach to the companies which we decide to invest in and develop as follows: “Achieving value for the greater good”.

The name Dendera is from the Egyptian temple of the same name, dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of fertility and joy in Ancient Egypt. The temple in Dendera was a place where old and new thoughts and ideas met. This sits well with our approach to company development, which requires both innovation and experience.

Our commitment to and passion for company development and innovation go back four generations. In this context, we would mention the establishment of Gambro and Nämndemansgården. This had a great impact on our direction and our investments in companies that help make a positive impact on society. Our involvement in Addera Care and Cross Solutions is a good example.