Strategic interests


The companies that we own and develop over a long period of time within the framework of our holding operations are a cornerstone of Dendera. We call this ‘strategic ownership’.

We have no limitation in time on the investment horizon for these companies. They are closely linked to our own operations and characterised by a powerful motivation to contribute to society.

The companies can feel secure in the knowledge that they have a long-term, stable owner that continuously contributes expertise and value to ensure that the companies continue to develop and remain profitable.

The financially strong holding operations are essential to our involvement in venture activities, creating both security and the opportunity for dynamism.

Our commitment to and passion for company development and innovation go back four generations. In this context, we would mention the establishment of Gambro and Nämndemansgården. This had a great impact on our direction and our investments in companies that help make a positive impact on society. Our involvement in Addera Care and Cross Solutions is a good example.