Small Cap Partners, as an investment company, has the aim to acquire well-established companies with secure cash flow, refine them and ultimately sell them. Dendera has been one of 5 partners in the management group, SCP Advisors AB, since its launch in 2007


In summer 2013 Blinkfyrar AB was sold to the Söderberg Group, providing a yearly return to its investors of 35%.




Golventreprenadgruppen expands further with new acquisitions

Golventreprenadgruppen acquires four new companies to add in its group and thus steps up in sales of around SEK 1.2 billion with 750 employees. The acquisitions also ensure that the group has national coverage in Sweden. The financing is primarily from Small Cap Partners, which owns 70% of Golventreprenadgruppen.



Small Cap Partners III sells the portfolio company, Nutid AB

Last June, the sale of the cash register system company Nutid AB was closed. SCP III has owned the company since October -20 and with a new CEO at the helm changed the business model so that the company became an attractive SaaS company. The deal with Confirma Soft AB equals an annual return of 75%.



Small Cap Partners invests.

Golventreprenad Gruppen is taking the next step on the consolidation journey by acquiring another 6 companies in the flooring/tiling industry. As part of the growth work, Rikard Fransson from Midway is employed as CFO to the one who will keep the group together, which today has sales of approximately SEK850 million with 500 employees.



Small Cap Partners makes additional acquisitions in Golventreprenad

SCP continues the consilidation of the flooring contracting industry by acquiring  3 companies that well complement the previous subsidiaries. The group now has an running turnover of SEK550 million.



Small Cap Partners III complements

SCP III complements previous holdings in the flooring/tiling industry with acquisitions of BBM in Karlstad and Ottossons Golv, which togehter create a region in the middle of Sweden. The merged companies have sales of SEK 430 millions with a margin of 10%.

Before the turn of the year, SCP will also start up its no IV investment company with well over SEK 100 million in raises capital.



Small Cap Partners III acquires Nutid AB

SCP III has made its third acquisition in a short time by acquiring Nutid AB, a leading software company in cash register management. The company is actually a little outside SCP’s focus area, but the management sees great opportunities in Nutid AB.



Small Cap Partners continues their journey.


The portfolio company in SCP II; Silver Weibull, has delivered so well over the three years under the SCP umbrella that the entire acquisition loan is repaid, long in advance. This opens for dividends to the owners in the future.

SCP III has been created and the first round of investors has committed SEK 60 million for future interesting acquisitions.



Small Cap Partners II acquires OPO Scandinavia AB.


OPO Scandinavia designs, manufactures and sells spectacles to opticians in the Nordic countries. The company is an interesting addition to SCP II’s portfolio.