November, 2020

Small Cap Partners III complements previous holdings in the flooring/tiling industry


April, 2020

Ifrågasätt’s new “live-streaming” service is used by Göteborgs-Posten


April, 2020

Cross signs agreement with significant caregiver


October, 2019

Small Cap Partners III acquires Nutid AB


October, 2019

Bestin is sold to Tyringe Konsult


June, 2019

Dendera divest its last shareholding in Besqab


May, 2019

Small Cap Partners continues their journey


October, 2018

Summit Partners buys in Syncron


September, 2018

Arthro/Joint Academy


July, 2018

Cross signs cooperation agreement with Cerner


June, 2018

Dendera Venture increases in promising Orbital System


May, 2018

Small Cap Partners II acquires OPO Scandinavia AB.