Passion for innovations and enterprisedevelopment


If you own a company and you need help to develop it, you can approach us for capital and expertise. We possess many years of experience of company development and always act as responsible owners.

We invest in companies with innovative ideas that have the potential to operate on an international market. The company’s operations must also have a positive social impact. It must be run by a proven team of managers who are able to realise the potential of the service or product in a balanced manner and meet the owners’ objectives.

Suitable times for us to become owners may be generational changes or when a company needs changes in structure and strategy. Our aim is always for all parties to benefit from our partnership, in particular society at large. The objective is to help you, the entrepreneur, develop a stable, profitable company while remaining independent. Talk to us so that we can quickly give you an indication of whether your company matches our investment profile.

Our commitment to and passion for company development and innovation go back four generations. In this context, we would mention the establishment of Gambro and Nämndemansgården. This had a great impact on our direction and our investments in companies that help make a positive impact on society.