The health sector has a major need to improve efficiency in order to meet future requirements. Cross Technology Solutions has developed LifePod®, which monitors the lifestyle of groups of patients at a distance. By analysing data from patients, including data from smartphones and wearables, LifePod® can pre-pack this patient information for health care and automatically prioritise patients’ actual care needs. LifePod® is an effective tool for moving from resource-heavy appointment-based care to needs-based care. Examples of patients are people with diabetes or myocardial infarction who need to change their lifestyle.



April, 2020

Cross signs agreement with significant caregiver

Cross Technology Solutions enters into an agreement with significant caregive through a procurement accelerated due to the Corona pandemic.

The mission is to jointly tackle the problems that Covid-19 causes the most fragile and most vulnerable patient groups. It is about monitoring 30 000 patients or more, starting with the most fragile patients at specialist clinics and then taking the step with the primary cases.


In connection with this breakthrough, the owners make an additional investment of SEK 10 million in the company.


June, 2018

Cerner shows interest in Cross Solutions

Cerner, one of the global leaders of electronic health records, has shown interest in Cross Solutions  software LifePod. The signed agreement means technical recognition and ability to transfer data between the respective platforms. And most important, the doors are opened to Cerner´s 8.000 global customers, such as Region Skåne.

In connection with this gratifying progress, the Annual General Meeting resolved to issue an issue of MSEK 20.