Nämndemansgården was founded by Birgitta Crafoord in 1987 and has from the start been run with a farsighted vision of helping people with substance dependency.


Nämndemansgården i the leading company in the area for alcohol and drug problem in Sweden and its operations are an important benefit to society. The company addresses the entire population as dependency is a democratic illness and not related to substance, gaming etc.


At the 30th anniversary of June, 2017 Nämndemansgården had treated 35.000 persons with dependancy and at least as many relatives.





Nämndemansgården increases the cash register for growth.

During May 2017, Nämndemansgården completed a growth issue of MSEK16. Participants in the issue were primarily existing owners, but also some new stakeholders with Feelgood Sverige AB as lead investor.


“Our close cooperation with Nämndemansgården allows us to take a holistic approach to dependency issues in the workplace. Together we can offer our clients assitance with everything from screening and assessment to acute detoxification and long-term treatment” said Michael McKeogh, Chief Physician, Feelgood.